Building a Personal Brand- How to Avoid Social Media Burnout

As digital marketer, I have found that the use social media and mobile technologies have completely changed the way we think of marketing.  For decades, the companies with the deepest pockets could buy top of mind awareness.  Today, it all about engagement.  We now voluntarily follow brands that excite us.

With so many social media and mobile technologies it has become increasingly difficult to maintain an active presence across all these channels.  In managing business social media accounts, I have found it is easier to write to one spot and then spread to all the social media accounts.  Not only is this simpler, it also has numerous SEO benefits that help get your site found.

I thought it was time that I practice what I preach by creating my own blog to share my thoughts and insights.  I often fall victim to getting caught up in the technology and not the content.  I am purposely keeping this site simple so that the content can be the focus.

I hope you find my posts useful as this site develops and I welcome your comments and perspectives.

Categories: Branding
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